Madécasse Chocolate Raising Money for ADRA Madagascar Disaster Relief

Brooklyn, NY (April 21, 2017)  – Madécasse™, manufacturer of Direct Trade chocolate made with heirloom cocoa from Madagascar, announced today that they are raising money for disaster relief in the country. For the next month, 20% of its web sales (up to $10,000) from will be donated to ADRA Madagascar (Adventist Development & Relief Agency) who is actively helping victims of the ongoing drought and recent cyclone. Madécasse has been doing business in Madagascar since their founding in 2008, but their ties run back to 1999 when their founders served as Peace Corps volunteers there.

For the past few years, draught in Southern Madagascar has been causing a food shortage and has put over 800,000 people, more than half of the population of Madagascar, on the brink of famine[1]. On March 7th, Cyclone Enawo, the most powerful storm in the last 13 years, tore through Madagascar, hitting the Northeast part of the country hardest. More than 80 people were killed and over 400,000 were effected by the storm. Also, reports show that over 30% of the current vanilla crop was destroyed which will have a detrimental effect to the already skyrocketing prices of Madagascar vanilla. Madagascar currently produces over 60% of the world’s vanilla.

“Although our focus has been on improving the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities, most of whom have been spared by the cyclone and drought, the people of Madgascar are at the heart of what we do. We always want to help in any way that we can.” said Tim McCollum, CEO and Co-Founder of Madécasse.